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"The music in Lion King is very poppy, and it's so much fun to then take that expression to the next level, which is expressing yourself through music, where you're not actually playing a character - you're playing yourself." --Jason Raize, Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize in Concert

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Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize in Concert
                                  Raize in Concert
Jason Raize in his concert special
(Credit: © Disney)
In April 2000, Jason headed to Los Angeles to film a concert special with Jessica Simpson for the Disney Channel's In Concert series. Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize in Concert premiered on Disney on June 24, 2000, as part of Disney's Sizzling Summer Weekend. The special enabled Jason to introduce his solo music to both his fans and a new audience in anticipation of his debut album NYC.

Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize in Concert was a one-hour special: Jessica performed in the first half, while Jason performed in the second. While the two stars did not perform together, the special included footage of Jessica and Jason playing volleyball with their friends and dancers at Will Rogers State Beach in Santa Monica.

In his concert, Jason performed:

"I Can Make it Without You"
"You Win Again"
"Lovin' You Lovin' Me"
"Run Away Girl"

The special also included clips of Jason having fun in Los Angeles: mountain biking, jet skiing, visiting Disneyland with his dancers, and talking to fans on the beach. Disney re-aired the concert several times throughout the summer.

To promote the concert, Jason participated in a ZoogDisney.com chat on July 10, 2000. (At that time, the Disney Channel referred to their teen programming as "Zoog Disney" and had robot-type characters called "Zoogs" hosting the shows.) In the chat, Jason said that the concert made him "incredibly happy, and very proud of my entire group."

To watch Jason in his concert special, please visit Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize in Concert Videos.

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