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"I appreciate it more than I can probably convey in an email!"
--Jason Raize via e-mail to The Raize Resource

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Jason's autograph, June 1998
This site would not have been possible without the assistance of a number of individuals, organizations, websites, and services.

For their essential guidance, support, and information, thank you to
Patty Everett; Sean Kennedy; Kathy Kong; Anne Lee; Troye Levin; Carmen Oulahan; Sue Lubin; and Tracy, Anna, Tess, and the rest of the former Raizens YahooGroup.

For providing information that made this website comprehensive and accurate, thank you to all the articles in the Press section and sites on the Links page. Special thanks to the following sources who provided primary or substantial information: Amazon.com, AOL Television, Billboard, Blue Heron Films, BroadwayNow, the Bucks County Playhouse website, Daily Variety, Hollywood Spotlight chat's with Jason, Independent Television Service, InTheater, various versions of JasonRaize.com including the Deston Entertainment version, Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize in Concert, The Lion King Stagebill, The New York Times, Playbill.com, TalkCity's chat with Jason, TheaterMania.com, the United Nations, the UN Environment Programme, USA Today, and ZoogDisney's chat with Jason.
  Very special thanks to the Internet Archives for providing access to data no longer available anywhere else, including data from old versions of this website!
For photos and other images that bring the site to life, thank you to all the sources in the Multimedia section. Very special thanks to frequent sources: Blue Heron Films, Deston Entertainment/Universal Records, Disney, Independent Television Service, InTheater, various versions of JasonRaize.com including the Deston Entertainment version, the Jesus Christ Superstar 1995-1996 A.D. Tour program (photos by Richard Feldman), Richard Lee, The Lion King publicity photos by Joan Marcus, The Lion King: Pride Rock on Broadway coffee table book, and Urban Mozaik.

For enabling me to design, host, and monitor this website and its multimedia, thank you to Adobe Photoshop, Dynamic Drive, Google Picasa, Lunarpages, Mozilla Seamonkey, StatCounter.com, YouTube, and XHeader.

Most of all, I thank Jason Raize for inspiring this site through his rare talent and his incredible stage presence. I will remain forever grateful for his kind words and support that made the many years I've spent on this web endeavor well worth it.

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