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"I've been working very hard on the TV show Keeping It Wild With Jason Raize."
--Jason Raize via e-mail to The Raize Resource

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Keeping it Wild with Jason Raize

                            Raize and Professor Nick Klomp, Montague
Jason Raize and Professor Nick Klomp on Montague Island off the coast of New South Wales, Australia
(Source: Charles Sturt University newsletter)
Keeping it Wild with Jason Raize was a weekly syndicated television series about wildlife produced by Blue Heron Films. Jason had been appointed a Goodwilld Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme in 1999, and Keeping it Wild grew out of his desire to build partnerships between the entertainment and environmental communities.

In each episode, Jason traveled to a new exotic location to learn about endangered species and other animals in their natural habitats. According to the Blue Heron Films website, Keeping it Wild aired weekly in 192 domestic syndicated markets and 38 countries. Blue Heron also says that the show was Emmy-nominated and received several Telly Awards.

In a 2004 article in the Cherokee Tribune of Canton, Georgia, Blue Heron's President/Executive Producer Sue Ann Taylor explained that the company lost funding after September 11. Though Taylor loved their wildlife programs, Blue Heron needed to branch out beyond wildlife programming in order to stay in operation.

 Keeping it Wild with Jason
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Episode Guide
(courtesy of AOL Television and MSN TV)

The Masai Mara
Lions and elephants in Masai Mara
Aired October 1, 2001

Hippos in the Mara River in Kenya
Aired October 8, 2001

Crocodiles in hot pursuit in the Mara River
Aired October 15, 2001

Bats swarm out of a cave to dine on moths
Aired October 22, 2001

The Great Migration: Africa at Its Finest

Wildebeest gather in the Serengeti to give birth and then travel in herds into Kenya
Aired October 29, 2001


An island in the Panama Canal is a sanctuary for monkeys
Aired November 5, 2001

The fast-moving cheetah is in danger of extinction
Aired November 12, 2001

The fast-moving cheetah is in danger of extinction
Aired November 19, 2001 (Webmaster's note: Unclear if this was a two-part episode or a rerun)

Rain Forest
A unique view shows the rain forest of Costa Rica
Aired January 21, 2002

Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian devils on the islands off the shores of Australia
Aired January 28, 2002

Costa Rica's Gandoca-Manzzio National Wildlife refuge is home to bottle-nosed and Atlantic spotted dolphins
Aired February 4, 2002

Kangaroos, koalas, and wombats
Aired February 18, 2002

In the Australian Outback, Camelot is the name of a camel-research base
Aired February 25, 2002

The world's smallest penguins are on an island off the coast of Australia
Aired April 22, 2002

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