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"Just take a spin on the internet and you'll find bunches of sites everywhere that are proclaiming the amazing career of Jason Raize."
--Jason Raize's official website, late 1990s version


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Jason Raize:
  • JasonRaize.com: Jason's official site, which (other than the main page) is no longer in operation
  • Website of Jason Raize: A version of JasonRaize.com from Jason's Deston Entertainment days



TV and Film:

  • "Children's Drawings of Love and Peace": E-mail from Jason's friend Peter Crisp about a project conceived by Crisp and developed by Jason that asked school children to draw pictures of love and peace which could be included inside food parcels to be dropped in Afghanistan
  • United Nations: Main site for the international organization working toward peace, security, human rights, and other international concerns
  • United Nations Environment Programme: Jason served as a Goodwill Ambassador for this UN program that coordinates environmental activities and policies both globally and locally
  • The WILD Foundation: Nonprofit organization dedicated to worldwide wilderness protection that Jason had collaborated with as part of his work with the UN; the WILD Foundation was also a collaborator on Keeping It Wild

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