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"I know that the night must end, and that the sun will rise. I know that the clouds must clear, and that the sun will shine."
--"Endless Night" (music by Lebo M, Hans Zimmer, and Jay Rifkin; lyrics by Julie Taymor), Jason's solo in The Lion King

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In Memoriam

Webmaster's note: This website celebrates the life and career of Jason Raize. However, it is impossible to ignore that this talented, compassionate young man ended his own life at age 29. I will not share all available articles about his death, as my motivation for relaunching this site in 2010 was to provide an alternative to the majority of information about Jason online which concentrates on his suicide. Instead, I am posting select articles and materials which had particular resonance for me, including one that I wrote while trying to process his death myself.

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