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"The name of the CD is 'NYC.' My favorite song on it is 'You Win Again.' That's one of my favorites. And 'It Was You.' "
--Jason Raize, ZoogDisney chat

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Jason Raize - Taste the Tears
Jason Raize - You Win
                                            Again single

"Taste the Tears" CD single
"You Win Again" CD single

Credit: CD covers © Deston Entertainment/Universal Records

Recording Studio:

Jason Raize in the
                                            recording studio
Jason Raize in the
                                            recording studio
Jason Raize and Desmond
                                            Child riding horses

Jason in the recording studio
Jason in the recording studio, at 4am
Recording session break: Jason and producer Desmond Child on horseback

Credit: All above photos © Deston Entertainment/Universal Records, 1999
Source: Jason's official website, 2000 version


Jason Raize and Jessica
                                            Simpson promo
Jason Raize in Los
Jason Raize running Jason Raize performs in

Jason and Jessica Simpson promotional image

Credit/Source: Unknown, though a smaller version of this image appeared in TV Guide
Jason in Los Angeles
Jason running
Jason in concert

Credit: Three above photos © Disney
Source: ZoogDisney website (no longer online)

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