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"We take inspiration and advice from a bunch of different people whom we respect and admire. . . . It would be way too hard to narrow it down to one person, but I am indebted to a lot of people I've worked with."
--Jason Raize, ZoogDisney chat

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Bill Clinton and
                                              Jason Raize
Jason Raize and
                                              Hillary Clinton
Jerry Springer and
                                              Jason Raize
Robin Williams and
                                              Jason Raize

Bill Clinton and Jason
Jason and Hillary Clinton
Jerry Springer and Jason
Robin Williams and Jason

Credit: Four above photos © Deston Entertainment/Universal Records
Source: Jason's official website, 2000 version



Jason Raize's
                                                Birthday at The Lion
Jason Raize at UNEP

Jason and Kevin Cahoon celebrate their birthdays at The Lion King, likely 1998

Credit: Unknown
Jason's official website, late 1990s version
Katje Hansen, Master of Ceremonies Pierre Quiblier, Jason, and UNEP spokesman Tore Brevik at the UNEP International Photographic Competition on the Environment 2000 Gala

Credit: Photo UNEP © Gabor Szilagyi
Source: UNEP website


Stage Door:

Jason Raize at The
                                              Lion King's stage door
Jason Raize at The
                                              Lion King's stage door
Jason Raize at The
                                              Lion King's stage door

Jason after The Lion King
Jason signing autographs

                                                          Raize and fans
                                                          at The Lion
                                                          King's stage

Meredith (webmaster), Jessi, Kathleen, and Jason

Jason's autograph, signed in a Lion King program on June 27, 1998

Credit: Four above photos © Richard Lee, taken at the New Amsterdam Theatre stage door on June 27, 1998

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