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"It's a film about high schoolers with big dreams overcoming the odds of their socio-economic status."
--Jason Raize, TalkCity chat

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Street Dreams
Jason was cast in 1998 as the male lead in Street Dreams, an independent film to be directed by John G. Avildsen (Rocky, The Karate Kid). The film would have marked Jason's feature film debut, but Street Dreams ultimately never went into production.

Daily Variety announced the film in February 1998; Jason also discussed the film in his TalkCity and Hollywood Spotlight chats. According to these sources, Street Dreams would tell the story of working-class teens competing in annual high school fashion competitions in Hoboken, New Jersey. As the teens create and model their designs, they imagine  how jobs in the fashion industry would help them to overcome their socioeconomic statuses. Jason's character, a Hispanic model, falls for Angela, an Italian girl who works in her father's tailor shop while creating her own clothing designs at night. Because of the teens' different ethnic backgrounds, their parents don't approve of the budding romance. "My character infuses Angela with the desire to follow her dreams," Jason told Hollywood Spotlight, "and it's about the desire to get to New York."

In Daily Variety, Avildsen described Street Dreams as "Romeo and Juliet in Hoboken"; on TalkCity, Jason referred to it as "Kind of like a West Side Story, crossed with Dirty Dancing." Street Dreams was not intended to be a musical, but once Jason was cast, his character was rewritten to be an aspiring actor/singer as well as a model. This would have enabled Jason to record songs for the soundtrack.

The film had been referred to as Fashion Wars on several film sites. Virginia Clark and Marjorie Short were the screenplay writers; Gene Kirkwood and Norman Stephens were set to produce. The film would have filmed on location in New Jersey and New York beginning in November 1999. Details as to why the film fell through are unknown.

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