Hollywood Spotlight Chat

Transcript of Jason’s chat on the website RealHollywood.com
(no longer online)
June 15, 1998

Note: This chat was broadcast live with RealAudio, and as such the transcript sometimes includes “actions” like laughter. Unfortunately no audio file is available online.

The following is the transcript of the Hollywood Spotlight chat with:

Jason Raize

HSHost says “Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight on Real Hollywood.com, my name is Celeste and I will be your host this evening. Joining me here at the iXL Live studios are the producers of the show, Peter & Mike and our incredible typist, Michelle. Now, if you would like to ask our guest a question this evening, it’s very simple. Just type in /ask a space and then your question. However, if you’re using “Excite’s VP chat” you need only click the “something to say” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. We are all very excited about our special guest this evening actor, JASON RAIZE, who plays “Simba” in “The Lion King” on Broadway. Welcome to the show, Jason!”

JasonRaize says “Hello, how are you doing?”

HSHost says “Great! How is NY treating you?”

JasonRaize says “Not bad, a little rain today, some fog. I’m from NY State, grew up in the Catskills.”

HSHost {action} chuckles”

HSHost says “Very Woody Allen of you!”

JasonRaize {action} chuckles”

BillyMilikin asks “why do kamikazie pilots wear helmets?”

JasonRaize says “I think I’m forced to pass on that because I have absolutely no idea! Interesting question, though.”

meesterbill asks “/ask who are some of your heroes?”

JasonRaize says “Oh, definitely the teachers I’ve come in contact with. Who have inspired me to take more out of life than what you might, at first, see. Those people would range from grade school on up. Especially my choreographer and first play director. I didn’t ever take dance until I came to Amda after High School and that experience I won’t talk about!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “Getting involved in acting happened in the summer Shakespearean workshops that Nancy Garrett would teach. She’d vacation in my home town and teach those classes during the summer. A small group, about 12 kids …”

HSHost says “Sure .. you, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Gray.!”

HSHost {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “Yes, working with Shakespeare at such a young age, you really get into taking the script apart which comes in handy with other things later. Then I did the wonderful high school plays!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “And, the Orpheus Theatre in Oneonta. That’s an Indian name. That’s in upstate NY.”

HSHost says “I think I remember Neil Simon doing some beginning work there. It’s in his book, “Rewrites” … a great book!”

JasonRaize says “I’ll read it now.”

BillyMilikin asks “Did you know Mike Tyson in the Catskills when you lived there?”

JasonRaize says ” No! I knew no one! I lived on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, forest, a sheltered childhood.”

HSHost says “Except for the visitors …”

JasonRaize says “Yes, that was horribly exciting!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “I did a summer stock season right out of … went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC after high school. My parents were supportive even though they knew nothing about performing arts. We didn’t go to theatre growing up. My first experience was performing, but even though they didn’t know much about it, when you see that light turn on in your kid’s head. They sort of sparkle when they come home from schoool … it never happened to me with school work, I didn’t do very well with it.”

JasonRaize says ” I passed, but didn’t get excited about anything until I started performing. My parents saw that and said, “Great!” I know a lot of people don’t have that experience, their parents guide them with a heavier hand, you can’t blame them, but the best success for life is to do what you love. And, I’m sure there will end up being a lot of unhappy doctors and lawyers out there … but a lot of happy ones, too! My father being one of them! I’m thrilled now.”

BillyMilikin asks “What would you change about yourself if you could?”

JasonRaize says “Wow! That’s a great question .. hard one to answer when you’re broadcast around the world.”

JasonRaize {action} thinks about it.”

JasonRaize {action} sighs”

JasonRaize says “I guess interaction with people … I’d just like to be able to communicate with all types. I think part of growing up is beginning to learn about different people and sometimes it’s difficult to communicate with some of them. I’d like to be one of those people who walks into a room and can communicate on any level with any person. Sort of a funky answer but …”

meesterbill asks “Do you get along well with the cast of The Lion King?”

JasonRaize says “Absolutely! A lot of people when they get up for speeches and awards, they’ll thank the cast .. but, when you perform a show like this, you come together …… this show brought so many different types of people in one place. Threw you in a studio in NYC in 87 degree weather .. baptism by fire, 5 weeks of rehearsals, and then we went to Minneapolis and everyone was uprooted. The area of the country we were unfamiliar with but we were always together. We became a family and had an amazing summer! Like summer camp, actually.”

JasonRaize {action} chuckles”

HSHost says “Yeah, exactly!”

HSHost {action} chuckles”

Dan_K asks “How long will you be playing simba and do you know what you will do afterwards?”

JasonRaize says “Well, right now, I’m recording an album with Universal Records … a great stroke of luck.”

HSHost says “This happens to be a Universal Pictures chat show! Wow!”

JasonRaize says “Oh, really? That’s great! Desmond Child has a company called Destin Records. He wrote “Kiss The Rain” for Billie Myers. He’s executive producing my album and we’re working on that … All summer and targeting for a release when my current contract is up in October. I’ll be with the show through then and there’s possibility for extension …”

HSHost says “No breaks?”

JasonRaize says “Every six months you get a week’s vacation.”

JasonRaize {action} laughs”

JasonRaize says “Not a lot. But, after that, I’ll decide what needs to happen. If I go on a promotional tour, I’ll take a leave of absence. But, I’m filming a movie in November called “Street Dreams” that’s shooting here in New York and NJ. I can stick around here for a while.”

JasonRaize {action} laughs1″

HSHost says “Everything comes to you!”

JasonRaize says “Yeah, I toured for 3 years before this, so I had no home. I couldn’t buy furniture or anything. So, now I get a chance to sit down and buy a life.”

BillyMilikin asks “has winnning best play made things easier or harder?”

JasonRaize says “With our show, it’s made it … sort of reinvigorated the process for us. We opened in November … and we had been performing on Broadway since October and already did the show in Minneapolis for two months … so it’s well over a year including rehearsals.”

JasonRaize says “After a year, it probably becomes a job for you. But, going to the Tony Awards and winning best musical and being honored by our peers was so amazing that it revitalized the workplace for us. The first performance, the audience went CRAZY!! After we won. At the end of “Circle Of Life”. It’s wonderful, gets your blood boiling again.The audience is overwhelming, the participation is unparalleled! I’ve never been in a show that’s received such great reactions from the audience! So, if you’re tired, you get energized in two minutes!”

HSHost says “That must be great! Congratulations!”

Dan_K asks “Isnt it hard to do the same thing every day & twice on sundays do you get bored?”

JasonRaize says “You do get bored at first when you walk in to the theatre, you may think you’re bored. But, it goes along with what I said about once you get on stage … myself, I spend a long time in makeup and that process is like getting your alter ego revved up. It’s something you know intimately … a lot of actors speak about long runs “making them” as an actor. I did a year’s tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, playing Pontius Pilate. We did a tour with Ted Neely and Carl Anderson.”

HSHost says “Our typist saw it and said it was great!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “Really. We toured everywhere with that show. The good and the bad. It’s just like life, like a job, but more exciting for people who like the performance world cause it’s live. Your heart pounds when you miss a step, or someone goes up on a line, people ask if each show is different. And, it is. We give a different performance every time. Cause every audience has a different energy and the actors might be in a different mood before they start.”

HSHost says “So, you’re saying you don’t get bored.”

JasonRaize says “You might think you do get bored, but you don’t. In this career, you leave. You quit and do another show.”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

ExciteUser asks “wu-tangklick: what is your favorite movie”

JasonRaize says “Are you kidding? Movies are my life! I absolutely love movies. I don’t have a fav cause it changes everytime I go. I spend so much time at Sony Theatres in NYC it’s kind of sad. 68th Street and Broadway is my second home!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “All the time. No favorite. People are telling me “The Truman Show” is my favorite, but I haven’t seen it yet. Have you seen it?”

HSHost says “No comment on that one. I saw it Friday and I thought it was an amazing film, but I’m an independent film fan and I heard the script was much darker before Hollywood got a hold of it.”

JasonRaize says “That’d make me feel funny cause it’s such an amazing concept. I’d like to see all sides of it.”

HSHost says “Yeah, it’s different, new, and Jim Carrey is great.”

Dan_K asks “does it piss you off when a cell phone rings during a show?”

JasonRaize says “That’s only happened once, thank goodness!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs1″

JasonRaize says “People talk about horror stories, Epinine singing her heart out and the phone rings! The only interruptions that seize me are … “Endless Night” was a song added to the show oni Broadway, I sing it in the 2nd act, it’s really quiet … pindrop silence. it’s an intense emotional song, Simba singing to his father. Who died during the first act. In matinees, we get a lot of kids. They are enamored of the production, but don’t observe the same rules as adults. In the beginning there’s a small violin holding out a single note and a kid will say “Oh, Mom, look at Simba!” And, the theatre has acoustics so everyone hears it, it makes the audience laugh which isn’t great at that moment.”

BillyMilikin asks “What other plays have you been in?”

JasonRaize says “Wow! Not many plays. I toured with Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon, The King And I, Gypsy, West Side Story, The Fantasticks, and As You Like It, Twelfth Night, Little Shop Of Horrors which was so much fun! I thank the director so much Nina Cochran, went against type and cast me. They have a tradition there, they did the Rocky Horror Picture Show for a month, and then give midnight performances, so you do a night show and then come back at 11:30pm and do a midnight show. You get crazy audiences, young and they go everywhere. They get every imaginable fruit and vegetable and throw it at you! I had to paint myself gold, my entire body and wear a g-string. Don’t tell the young people out there!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs1″

guest15658 asks “have you ever gotten the shows mixed up like singing Jesus Christ Superstar instead of Circle of Life?”

JasonRaize {action} laughs! No! I hope this question doesn’t start it out for me. I had a few times in JCS where I blanked … Pilot has a song at the crucifixion that’s really fast, and two shows in the same week, I went up on lines during the song. It’s so quick your mind can’t catch up … that was horrible, but knock on wood, that’s been my only experience.”

ExciteUser asks “cass2: have you ever hurt yourself prfoming????”

JasonRaize says “I got acute tendinitis in my ankle in Lion King but that’s been the most severe … gone now. I must have twinged it on stage …”

HSHost says “Too much jumping around.”


JasonRaize says “Finding out that I got Simba .. definitely. You work so hard in this business … in many businesses and I had been working for a very long time. My dream was to originate a role on Broadway, anywhere in a new musical production. So taking a property like Lion King, a classic coming of age tale, and after hearing Julie give me the pitch for the musical and giving me her sketches, it was amazing! She thought of a new way to bring this story to people. I felt like I was working on something big and that I had a lot to contribute to it. Each actor did that, they were given so much room to bring the personalities to the role they were playing. Very rare opportunity.”

guest15658 asks “How did you get the role of Simba?”

JasonRaize {action} whew!!!”

JasonRaize says “Lots of auditioning. Interesting story, I had been cast in the King And I by the same casting directors and it was in weeks of each other that the Lion King breakdowns came out after I was cast in The King and I and we got turned down cause of the conflict of interest. I went to an open call in the morning for the role of Simba. And anyone can be seen. I went and they couldn’t refuse to see me, I at least got to sing. They were fantastic after that!”

HSHost says “You mean they were in love with you.”

JasonRaize {action} Laughs!”

JasonRaize says “No, they just saw enough of what they were looking for that they could take me out of the other show.”

meesterbill asks “What drew you to work on The Lion King?”

JasonRaize says “I’d seen the movie and it made me cry. I absolutely loved it. My mother passed away when I was 3 and that sense of loss is very profound for me … it was a lot of growth at a very young age and I’ve carried that around with me. From talking to people all the time, I knew that most people didn’t talk about it, but so many wanted to. It’s a subject that you know you’re going to face one day. So, to have a chance to work on something with an amazing storyline along those lines, I knew I could put my heart into it. And it has been that way.”

guest15658 asks “what did you sing to bowl them over?”

JasonRaize says “Lionel Richie’s “Hello”.”

JasonRaize {action} sings the song!”

JasonRaize says “I had to do an audition where I had to sing a standard Broadway song and I freaked out cause I didn’t have any! You have to have a really good pop/rock repertoir. Ballads and uptempos. In order to do the audition circuit in NY these days. They don’t want to hear the standard Broadway fare like they used to. After Rent and Tommy, there have been a lot more musicals centering their musical style around rock operas like JCS.”

HSHost says “Do you see other musicals?”

JasonRaize says “I haven’t cause it’s been so crazy with appointments and stuff for the show. When you open a show like this, your time is really really short. YOu’re doing press, or meeting people, or all kinds of things that are so much fun. We’re settling down in more of a routine now though, so I’ll have a chance to get out …”

HSHost says “Did you see “Bring in da noise, bring in da funk”?”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “No, I didn’t! So many have been on me about that.”

BillyMilikin asks “do you miss your mountain and do you ever go back to it?”

JasonRaize {action} laughs hysterically!”

JasonRaize says “If you only heard this story.”

JasonRaize says “That mountain was really, really dear to me. I grew up there and because of the kind of … and this is not a torch song, I’m okay with my childhood but it was very solitary and I spent a lot of time outside in the woods and grew to really like that place. It was beautiful and meant a lot but at the same time, I needed to move on and I did, my parents were divorced when I was 10. So, I moved with my dad into the city of Oneonta … they sold the place there and we sold it to Buddhist monks who are in exile from their native land …”

HSHost says “Right, Tibet.”

JasonRaize says “Yeah, and they have since made it an amazing retreat. I do go back once in a while … I take the 20 minute drive and go out there … completely amazing. Peaceful. When they came and saw the property, the monks came up and … of course had no concern about the house at all, they just wanted to take a walk on the land. Really historical property, stone walls, stage coach trails … a real feeling of antiquity and peacefulness. We always thought so, but they said they were convinced that the land was magical and they were prepared to purchase it at any cost. My parents didn’t rip them off!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “But, it’s a wonderful place. My brother died when I was young and his ashes are scattered there, too.”

HSHost says “So, you can reach back there for your emotional scenes.”

JasonRaize says “Oh yeah.”

HSHost says “Is the musical you’re doing dramatic or comedy?”

JasonRaize says “Romantic comedy .. myself and this girl Angela, I’m Latino, she’s Italian, the families don’t want them together … they live in the tenements of NJ and he wants to get to NYC. The irony is that they live so close, yet they are so far away. He wants to become a pro singer,actor, model and she works in her father’s tailor shop and at night designs clothing. My character infuses Angela with the desire to follow her dreams and it’s about the desire to get to New York. It’s a film.”

Joanee asks “Are you a buddhist?”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “No. No, I’m not.”

Joanee asks “How do you see Broadway changing in the next ten years?”

JasonRaize says “Wow, that’s a really great question. I won’t say I know, cause these things take turns other than what I thought. But, I don’t know how the current trend of big flashy musicals is going to continue. An investment as great as the ones that are put up today need an amazing amount of success to return the investment. Victor/Victoria was playing so long to sell out crowds and closed and still didn’t recoup! Paul Simon’s musical was much worse! Closed after months and they put so much money into it. It’s great to be in the show and have the most successful show in musical history, but what are the odds?”

JasonRaize says “The kind of public acceptance that the Lion King has received. Hopefully, we’ll become a culture that will accept more artistic projects with less glitz and glamour and really concentrate on the core of the work, the art, the storyline … does it make you nervous about doing broadway again?”

JasonRaize says “I don’t know. It’d odd. I don’t have that feeling … that I need to top it. Absolutely not. This is an experience like no other and I will be able to hold it forever. What I would want to do now is choose my work on the basis of the merit of the project. Julie Taymor, her follow up project is a film of Titus Andronicus. She’s shooting it in Rome and it’s not classical, commerical fare.”

HSHost says “She’s into challenging herself.”

JasonRaize says “Oh yes!”

JasonRaize {action} chuckles!”

JasonRaize says “Definitely.”

Joanee asks “How have you remained so grounded and good natured after having had two people so close to you pass away most people become bitter and withdrawn after one or ever without?”

JasonRaize says “Wow. Great question.”

JasonRaize says “Uh … I suspect I probably had those experiences when I was younger and that contributed to the fact that I wasn’t very social in grade school. In tenth grade it was an awakening, but the peace of where I grew up infused me with a sense of intercommunication .. rather than communicating with people. So, a really solid sense of intercommunication … sounds cheesy but that’s what it was about. When I started having a life and communicating, it was so much fun, there wasn’t time to be bitter to people or to myself. Not much room for that.”

HSHost says “That . That’s nice. Does that have anything to do with your stage presence?”

JasonRaize says “Interesting … can’t comment on that directly cause I don’t see myself on stage, which I like.”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “But, I love the fact that you go on stage and do a piece of work and open a window to your soul. The people in the seats just watch. The only number in the show, “Endless Nights” is where Simba is alone on stage and all that’s surrounding him is this midnight blue color and an empty stage … very pure and simple. You go to a place and you’re done and I don’t know what people see, I just hope they can get something from it that they like and that at least communicates something to them.”

HSHost says “Right.”

guest15650 asks “Who is the biggest inspiration in your life and your career?”

JasonRaize says “Nancy Garrett. Um …”

JasonRaize {action} sighs”

JasonRaize says “That was a wicked time in my life.”

HSHost says “How old were you?”

JasonRaize {action} thinks about it …”

JasonRaize says “I’m really bad with times. I think in …. 7th and 8th grade I believe I did the summer workshops.”

HSHost says “geez! A long time ago.”

JasonRaize says “Very very long … I didn’t have the best familial relationships, so the experience I had with Nancy, she encouraged me in a way that I hadn’t experienced before in school, home everywhere. The experience of a child to rise to a challenge … I can still remember the feeling … having someone challenge you, rising to it! Using the tools within yourself to accomplish something and to be so rewarded within yourself. Doesn’t matter what others say. You just had so much fun. I thank her every single day for that.”

HSHost says “Are you still in touch with her?”

JasonRaize says “Yes, and no.”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “She’s called my parents for my number but it keeps changing. I’m getting her tix to the show now.”

Joanee asks “What’s the insider scoop on scoring tickets to a broadway show?”

JasonRaize says “The Lion King, really wretched!! If you know Michael Eisner, you have a good chance.”

JasonRaize {action} chuckles!”

JasonRaize says “It’s horrible cause there are so many people we want to come see it but you have to space it out soooooo far in advance. The best deal for anyone who wants to see it is to come to the theatre right before a performance and get cancellations. My friends have done it and they get house seats that are very private and exclusive that are held until the last second.”

JasonRaize says “When they don’t get used, they get released. You go to the box office, there’s a standing room only waiting line that forms a few hours before the show and people have had amazing luck getting in.”

HSHost says “Geez! Couple of hours!”

JasonRaize says “Better than waiting a few months!”

guest15650 asks “If you could have dinner with anyone in history who would it be?”

JasonRaize says “Wasn’t that a question on The View? I think so.”

HSHost says “It was?”

HSHost {action} laughs”

JasonRaize says “Starr Jones, good friend of mine.”

HSHost says “Make it breakfast, then.”

HSHost {action} chuckles!”

JasonRaize {action} chuckles!”

JasonRaize says “Someone on The View, said they’d like to have dinner with Jesus.”

HSHost says “Not the LAST one!”

HSHost {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs1″

JasonRaize says “To get the lowdown on some things really. I don’t really know! I’d pick one and then say, “Can it be a banquet so I can invite others?””

JasonRaize {action} chuckles”

HSHost {action} laughs”

JasonRaize says “Probably some of the first people that started the entertainment business. There’s an amazing book called “The Agency” that is about the history of show business and the William Morris Agency. The horrors they went through to start burlesque theatre and to take that to TV, yadda yadda yadda … They were at incredible odds, 15-16 hour days, no money, I’d love to talk to them about their experiences. I wouldn’t want to sit down with a world leader. I’d feel funny. Too real. I’m into the world of fantasy.”

Joanee asks “Does The Lion King have a Central Park softball team?”

JasonRaize says “Yes! I’m not on it cause I”m really bad. But, we have one and I root for them and they’ve done very well and we ordered Lion King jerseys.”

HSHost says “Who do they play against?”

JasonRaize says “All the shows put together teams and they play.”

HSHost says “So, did you guys play agains the Paul Simon show?”

HSHost {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs1″

JasonRaize says “What a mean question. No. And, not Ragtime either.”

guest15658 asks “Next time you go to lincoln cinemas you should try some dinner at Gabriellas afterwards its on 96 & Amsterdam – best mexican in NYC?”

JasonRaize says “Okay. Oh, cool! Yeah”

HSHost says “You got it? Have you been to the west coast?”

guest15650 asks “Do you perfer the east coast or the west coast?”

JasonRaize says “Yes, lived there for 6 months. I prefer the energy in NYC and the lifestyle in LA. So bicoastal is the word of the day for me.”

HSHost says “A penthouse apartment in Manhattan, beach house in Malibu …”

HSHost {action} laughs”

JasonRaize {action} laughs”

guest15648 asks “What’s the strangest thing that a fan has ever said to you?”

JasonRaize says “Yeha, people do. Especially now when we’ve had press junkets when we’ve been out of costume. More people see an episode of Rosie O’Donnell than would see me in the show if I was in it for 5 years. So, I sang “Endless Night” …”

HSHost says “You know there’s a website for when you were on Rosie O’Donnell.”

JasonRaize says “Really? Wow. Give me the address. I love the internet …. now.”

JasonRaize {action} chuckles.”

JasonRaize says “The fan mail from Rosie was unbelievable… people talking about experiences …”

HSHost says “Do you have a girlfriend .. stuff like that?”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

JasonRaize says “Just stuff like it made them cry and they’d never lost a parent and they understood now what it would be like. I gotta thank Rosie O’Donnel! She single handedly made my career! We went on a few weeks ago before the Tony’s and did a medley of “He Lives In You”.”

HSHost says “Wow, she must be great. I suppose she gets tickets.”

guest15650 asks “What a typical day like for you?”

JasonRaize {action} laughs hysterically!”

JasonRaize says “Well, trips to the gym are regular … CNN is regular.”

HSHost says “Start .. you get up …”

JasonRaize says “About 10-10:30, breakfast, get out of the house, exercise at the gym or walk around, come back and do business for a while, after that, probably some form of entertainment, HBO, movie rental or matinee. I have to be there 7:30 for evening shows. And, for 2:00 shows, I have to be there for 1:30. When I get there, I don’t do anything for 1 1/2 hours and then I get into costume and don’t go on for 2 hours or so … I come on at the end of the first act.”

HSHost says “So, you can hang out and have dinner.”

guest15648 asks “If you could work with anyone who would it be?”

JasonRaize {action} chuckles”

JasonRaize says “Yeah. I’m jealous of Julie now working with Anthony Hopkins in Titus Andronicus. I’m proud of her and jealous at the same time!”

HSHost says “Are you interested in directing?”

JasonRaize says “Yes, but I need to learn more before I do. About 6 years to learn before I try my hand at it. I’d love to work with Julie again. I’d want to produce ….”

HSHost says “Would that be your ultimate project?”

JasonRaize says “Definitely. Producing is to bring talented individuals together and provide the glue and glue them all together and from there it’s their genius. I love working with people like Julie who have these intense visions and help them achieve what they want to achieve. It’s exciting to me. I’m putting together a production company.”

HSHost says “What kinds of things do you want to produce?”

JasonRaize says “Definitely … probably …. film and music. I do want to work in theatre, but it’s not the first thing I want to do.”

HSHost says “Maybe after your album comes out …”

JasonRaize says “Yeah, definitely the process of being in the studio and working on it is great experience and also working on the film will be great experience for getting ideas of what I want to do. I get inspired by individual projects, so if something came across my table today and I got excited about it, even though I didn’t know what I was doing, I’d get excited.”

guest15650 asks “Do you surf the net? What do you think about computers?”

JasonRaize says “Oh yeah! I have a website – www.wwwebstage.com/jasonraize. This wonderful guy, D.B. Stevens is creating the site.”

HSHost says “What can we find there?'”

JasonRaize says “Pictures, my resume, a link for email which I actually DO read.”

HSHost says “Yeah! Woo! All you guys out there! Do you return it? Oh, absolutely.”

JasonRaize says “Often people have great ideas and it’s great to get reaction from what you’re doing.”

HSHost says “Did you return mail from the Rosie Show.”

JasonRaize says “Yeah. They can send mail to 219 W. 41st St., NY, NY 10036. That’s the stage door of the New Amsterdam Theatre. They can send it attention to me. It actually gets to me.”

HSHost says “You have to find something to do for that 2 hours when you’re sitting in that costume!”

HSHost {action} laughs!”

HSHost says “The show is almost over, one more question …”

meesterbill asks “/ask what were your goals as a child?”

JasonRaize says “To get out of there, even though you don’t know it, you want to do something with your own … take your life in your own hands. To this day, I have really bad reactions to anything I view as stifling or controlling. I really like to have adventure … take the world by it’s ears and shake it a bit.”

HSHost says “I think you. You’re doing that now, you big Lion!”

JasonRaize {action} laughs!”

HSHost says “Thank you Jason!”

JasonRaize says “Thank you so much, you’re really great!”

HSHost says “And, thanks to all you viewers out there for chatting with us at REAL HOLLYWOOD.COM. Please join us tomorrow night at 7:00pm when our guest will be JOAN SEVERENCE from “Love Boat: The Next Generation”. Goodnight, everyone!”