ZoogDisney chat

Transcript of Jason’s chat presented in conjunction with Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize in ConcertJuly 10, 2000 Zoogerator: Get ready, Zoogers! Gather ’round, Raizins! Jason Raize is on his way to chat with YOU! Jason Raize: Hey, everyone! This is Jason! It’s Monday night! How’s it going? Kitty: How did you get started in the singing business? Jason Raize: Wow! READ MORE

Hollywood Spotlight Chat

Transcript of Jason’s chat on the website RealHollywood.com(no longer online)June 15, 1998 Note: This chat was broadcast live with RealAudio, and as such the transcript sometimes includes “actions” like laughter. Unfortunately no audio file is available online. The following is the transcript of the Hollywood Spotlight chat with: Jason Raize   HSHost says “Welcome to Hollywood READ MORE

TalkCity Chat

Transcript of Jason’s chat on the website Talk CityJune 1, 1998 Boxtop presents Jason RaizeBroadway’s “The Lion King” June 01, 1998 Jason Raize made a huge splash on Broadway in the role of the adult Simba in Disney’s The Lion King. From there he went on to release his new solo album, NYC. Jason stopped by Talk City to READ MORE