ZoogDisney chat

Transcript of Jason’s chat presented in conjunction with Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize in ConcertJuly 10, 2000 Zoogerator: Get ready, Zoogers! Gather ’round, Raizins! Jason Raize is on his way to chat with YOU! Jason Raize: Hey, everyone! This is Jason! It’s Monday night! How’s it going? Kitty: How did you get started in the singing business? Jason Raize: Wow!

Top 40 Spotlight: Jason Raize

by Karen BardPublished on Gavin.comJanuary 17, 2000 Label: Universal One-part singing sensation, one-part mystery, one-part musical theatre talent, one- part heartthrob…put all of those pieces together and the sum is Jason Raize. Appearing in the smash Broadway musical The Lion King as its lead character, Simba, Raize is already familiar to and comfortable with a large audience.